Dedicated to a goalkeeper with a dream. A dream of living free outside his chalk-lined prison, who ran bravely outside of his box 18 times today

making my way outside
past my box
running fast
and i’m free now

running blankly ahead just making my way
making my way through the grass

am i a goalie?
or a centerback?
and now i wonder

if i could run outside my box
could other players pass me by?
'cause you know i'd run a thousand yards
if i could just defend tonight

so relevant today

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this can literally only happen to him

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Welcome to Bayern Munich


Where we can beat Manchester City but not a team called Hamburger.

Okay. Midfield Manu is taking it too far now.


are we legit going to take home 1 point against hamburg

is this what this is


have you ever dreamed so much about one thing that you start to believe in it?


i guess the same is about manu and the midfield

This game literally screams for Arjen and so do I. 


remember when we scored 9 goals against hsv? yeah good times